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If you've explored the examples supplied with AudioMulch, you've probably checked out and perhaps even been intrigued by the one called PondLife. It uses AM to create a menagerie of animal sounds, including frogs and birds. A mere novelty? Perhaps not.
I was reminded of this setup and its sounds recently while listening to one of my favorite musicians, a German guy named Uwe Schmidt, aka Atom TM, aka Atom Heart, aka Sr. Coconut. In 1995, he put out a disk called Semiacoustic Nature, on which is included a tune called "My Bird Can Sing." (Another tune on the disk is titled "Evolution #9," for all you Beatles fans.) This tune is full of bird calls and sounds almost as if some of it was a field recording, captured in an aviary or the jungle. But knowing Atom, I suspect that he actually synthesized these bird calls with the kind of resonant filtering that PondLife uses. (He's not an AMer, though, as far as I know.)
You can get a taste of the tune and some of its bird calls at the iTunes store. In the U.S., anyway, it's here:

Altogether, Semiacoustic Nature is a superb set of music - Atom at his Rather Interesting (name of his label) best - funky, ambient, danceable, witty, way smart, in love with sound.

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I thought till my beginnings in mulch, those effekts would include samples!
A great and difficult masterpeace in mulch!!