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I am using windows7 and I have somehow managed to get the automation and patcher panes to float. When I try to dock them again within the window they arrange themselves vertially down the window.

How can I get them to go back into the default state with the patcher top left, properties top right and automation along the bottom? I looked in the help and experimented but no success...

Is it possible to attach or insert pictures in this forum.

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I think if you click on where it says patcher and drag it to the left it should dock properly.

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There are basically two things to understand about this to make it more obvious. It is tricky to to get the hang of (and even trickier to explain with words!!), but it's fairly obvious once you get it and play around a bit...

1. The properties pane doesn't have a title bar or the float and close window button/widgets (in the top right of the pane), but the automation and patcher panes do, so it's necessary to get the desired setup by moving those two windows into the position you want or by click-dragging on the title bar portion of the screen.

2. Where the dragged pane gets placed in relation to the other pane(s) is dependent on where your mouse, while dragging the window, crosses the application border, or into another pane (if multiple panes are already open).

For example, if you drag the pane so that the mouse hovers near the right or left border of the application window, a portion of the window should "spring" open. (in the pane at the same height as the vertical position of the mouse - if the window is already split horizontally)

If you drag the pane to the top centre of the application window, another horizontally oriented strip can be created.

Hope that makes some kind of sense.

As far as pictures being attached, it should be possible to attach *links* to images already with BBcode (though I havent personally tried). Ross has indicated that there is a files area being planned for the site, but whether that also means pictures will be able to be uploaded and attached to forum posts I can't say for sure...

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Spectro> thanks, I got it to work eventually with your suggestions. It's a bit fiddly, those windows seem to have minds of their own.