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hi there...
Wonder if somebody can help me out...
I'm running mulch 2 and I'm trying to change the time signature on my arpeggiator to 6/8
I found some writing on this on the mulch site, but the arpeggiator that they use in the explanation doesn't look like my version. and mine doesn't have the same functions it seems...

any ideas?

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Look just below the little keyboard graphic at middle left of the Arpeggiator's property pane. You will see the top left corner of the timing grid, and there you will further see the numbers 4/4 - the line won't be diagonal, it's more "4 over 4," with a horizontal line between the numerals. Click on those numbers and a menu of time signatures will pop up, one of which will be 6/8.
Now, if you look a bit to the left of the time grid, you'll see a drop-down menu waiting for you to click on it. Click and choose from the menu 1/8. This will set up the grid to show six 8th notes per measure, or bar, labeled 1.1, 1.2 .... 1.6, 2.1, 2.1, .... . Or, from that same menu, you can pick other divisions of the bar.

Hope this is what you're looking for. The AM Help manual has some more info about how the program deals with time and rhythmic units, etc.

Ross B.
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Time signature support was added in AM 2.1.0. You may need to upgrade to the latest version (it doesn't cost anything). Just go to the download page.