Alt/Shift commands for faders? and Saving VSTi patches...

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is there an Alt or Shift type command so i can turn down all faders/knobs/paramaters at the same time?
if not i will make it a new FR :)
(Key commands and self tailored macros would really enhance AM's live performance capabilities.)

Ideally to be able to do it on all contraptions, but at the moment im talking about the mixers in particular, so you could select the ones you want to be affected by the command by clicking on them with an Alt or Shift type command, and then shift>click>manipulate and all chosen
faders/knobs/parameters would move at the same time...with two modes, one so the faders maintain relative positions to each other and the other so they all move to the position of the "master" paramater being moved.

What do you think?

ALSO, when noodling about with VST synths, how is it possible to save a new sound/patch/bank if the VST doesnt have a dedicated menu?
For example, I use Schwa's OLGA alot (awesome synth by the way, check it out!) and after writing a new patch i cannot save it because theres no save and load menu on the plug in, and theres no way to access these commands from the window bar above.
I thought it was possible, but am now confused. I cant work it out.
If it isnt possible this will be another FR.

( sorry, ross, but im just gonna keep throwing them out there in the hope that some pique your interest :) )

Thanks again.

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Joined: July 21, 2009

OK, i found the VST menu part. DOH!!!! i knew it was in there...retarded moment due to whatever.