2.1 this month?

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Will we see it soon?

Ross B.
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>Will we see it soon?
I hope so. Friday the 30th is the current target.

I'll be sending Beta 3 out to current beta testers later today. We need to see whether it has any nasty bugs.

If anyone else would like to test 2.1 Beta 3 please get in touch to beta@audiomulch.com and let me know why you're interested, how you'll test it, and what platforms you're using.



Ross B.
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I expect to release 2.1 tomorrow, Wednesday 4th August. But we'll see.

Ross B.
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AudioMulch 2.1, released today

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Had 2.1 for a couple of days now and I am completely impressed with the updates; the time sig. introduction in the contraptions is the BEST thing to happen to 'Mulch. Runs like a charm on my old-old Macbook, and the 'Light' interface is the business.

Thanks, Ross.

(Also, the compressor is bitchin; makes for some phat drums!)

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I only downloaded yesterday and so haven't had much chance to play around with it yet - but the thing that immediately made me grin like an idiot was the vast improvements to the GUI, the new theme is lovely, no more italic contraption titles (small things like that matter to me!), the brilliant implementation of time signatures... and being able to extend the bassline to multiple bars means I can now nearly fulfill one of my dreams of doing an acid set just in AM (although an analog drum module type thing would totally sort this!) The new dynamics modules are rocking and look fantastic.

I must confess I'd fallen a little out of love with AM since the launch of v2, it just wasn't engaging with me in the way it had done previously (I think I was missing the light grey mainly!) but I can instantly feel the spark has come back now with this update. Props to Ross for sticking to his guns and delivering something that might not be what everyone wants but makes AM an even more usable and interesting tool than ever before.

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I agree, when 2.0 came out, I wasn't feeling the love as much, but after I started getting back into it lately, and especially with the 2.1 release, I can feel my heart fluttering again ;). Great work!