guinea pigs wanted for midi guitar plugins

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Hey guys,
As part of my masters degree I've just created some novel guitar VST plugins and need some independent testers to try them and let me know what they think. They're a sort of cross between an effect and a guitar synth. You will need a MIDI interface for your guitar and a soundcard. Any old software that accepts VST's will do to run them.
I currently have a 36dB octave filter module and an an intelligent ring modulator. The novelty is in the way these devices respond to what you're playing. They tune themselves to your performance offering the feel of your guitar with an expanded sound palette - That's the theory anyway.
I'd really appreciate input from anyone who's interested.


ps There will be free copies for testers if ever I decide to release them...

Azul Baroniss
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Im searching new Synthesizers for my Music, since the stuff from Audio Mulch wont do all. Give me anything, and I'll check it out.

Best Regards,

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Hi, I can give this a try if you are still looking for testers. When do you need testers to give you feed back by?