A remix done in Mulch

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jet jaguar
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Hi all,

I uploaded this remix on the weekend, which is a free download.


As per that interview with me on the main AudioMulch site, it's all done in Mulch but using Phrazor to send MIDI to other VSTis.

The Drums were all done in Drums contraptions.
The arpeggio at the end was originally a VSTi, but I exported a chunk and put it into a LoopPlayer with stretch on. Then I automated the bar lengths to transpose the arpeggio up and down.
In the chorus the vocals are doubled-up an octave lower, which I did using a DLGranulator.

Happy to answer any questions about how I did stuff.

I used Audacity to timestretch the vocal part to a slower tempo and to cut up drums and so on, but otherwise stuff happens within Mulch.

jet jaguar
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Joined: June 23, 2009

I wanted to post links to the original, but the site tells me the spam filter is blocking me! Search Youtube on Disasteradio to watch it, would be my suggestion... It's a lot faster and more electro-pop.

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Fun stuff! Checked out the original because of this... love both versions. Your take on it is good and very much Jet Jaguar. Keep up the good work!