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Track: Plastikman - Ask Yourself (Isothermal Remix)

Audiomulch used:

  • to create ambient sounds featured throughout the track, including swelling, side-chained drones, and snippets of siren-like sounds.
  • for kick, layering an 808 with a noise-gated test tone generator, producing a sub frequency matching the key of the song.
  • to create "swirling" cymbals for the outro via the drum machine, layering various samples, augmented by stereo delay.
French Tony
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Love it. Can I ask what kind of processing you have used on the vocals?

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The vocals are pretty much untouched from the original Plastikman track, so all the pitch and rasp that you hear is as-is. For my remix, the only effects I added were a Roland RE-101 tape echo, and some convolution reverb in Logic.

Hope this helps!