Malty Media's Kleiner Wasserbär EP

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jet jaguar
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Stuart posted about our 2009 release - we've done another release that, again, you can stream and download for free.

Malty Media - Kleiner Wasserbär EP

Whimsical electronica, made entirely in Mulch with huge amounts of automation and some MIDI sequencing via Energy XT loaded as a VST inside Mulch.

If you follow the above link you'll get a bunch of info about each track, but very happy to answer any technical questions or whatever...


French Tony
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Nice one.
Some lovely sounds in there. I like the mix of more traditional textures and and more mulch like stuff.

You mention you have Energy XT loaded in Mulch as a VST. The version of Energy I have downloaded (demo) doesn't let me do that. I'm on a mac. Can you shed some light on that for me. I'd really like some kind of sequencer, no matter haw basic in Much.