Ignatius - "Gossamer" reissued digitally w/2 new mulch tracks

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just thought i'd drop a line here to let ya know that my last full length LP has been re-issued for digital distribution.

'Gossamer', originally released in 2004 on the now defunct 'Rocket Racer' label (RIP), has been remastered and re-released for download only by Buried In Time. this release includes 2 new tracks not a part of the original release.

previews and stuff are here:


more info here:


Ross B.
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Hi Ignatius

Would you care to share a little info on how you used AudioMulch on this release?



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doh! just caught your reply to my post.

basically, everything was made in mulch and mixed in logic. at the time i was using a Dell laptop w/PIII 850 mhz cpu. then i'd transfer everything into my mac through RME multiface's adat i/o.

the mulch patches were some variation of a bunch of drum contraptions into a 8x8 matrix mixer which fed various plug ins and audiomulch contraptions.. and also a bunch of loop player contraptions fed into another 8x8 matrix mixer which also fed various plug ins and audiomulch contraptions.. the matrix mixers allow for some really interesting changes when messing w/the fade times and automating presets.

the outputs of everything would be summed into a few mixers

the process usually started w/a handful of sounds i made in various synths or DSP mangling sessions and a bunch of drum samples and then a long jam session where i'd save loads of presets on every contraption. then i'd go back and start automating presets and sort of rewrite the good parts of the jam session which would lead to a song or two...

then i'd do it all over again w/new sounds/plug ins and whatever variations were needed to get mulch sounding like whatever was in my head.. then it once it was done it would get played into logic and mixed..

that was pretty much it. funny to think about doing it all on a PIII 850.

sorry for the massive delay in answering your post.. just caught it.

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hey ignatius! It's bagger from em411. Just saw this, congrats on your release, i'm going to have to check it out. That's great how you use mulch, interesting process. I am working on my liveset that is all mulch right now, too...

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hello! and thanks.. it's a re-release actually but has 2 new tracks. it was only available on CD until this re-release.

i was using mulch a lot for playing live then too. every set was different. i just had a starting place and from there it was all improvised. i haven't played live in ages though.

there was an EP released a while back too.. that one is full of audiomulch as well and a bunch of remixes from friends. it's called "Halocline"

oh, someone posted one of your youtube vids on muffwiggler a while back. awesome. it was the one about the titanic killing machine that was de-meating people.