Babaluma - E93 Album (Free Download)

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This is a one hour long ambient single track album incorporating various techniques for deep relaxation, meditation, ritual work and lucid dreaming, such as binaural beat frequencies, just intonated tone scales, frequency shifting for extended delay feedback, and the harmonic series.

Instructions For Use:

This recording was designed to be listened to on high quality headphones. The track is intentionally quieter, more repetitive and longer than a lot of regular ambient music tracks. Please only listen when you have a full hour to devote to yourself, in a quiet place, preferably with the lights turned out. The effects can be quite strong, particularly in the mid and later sections, so please do not listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery.

Please feel free to download the high quality .flac file for the best listening experience.

The track makes heavy use of AudioMulch and Russell Borogove's amazing contraption VSTs.

Finally, I would love to hear any thoughts or feelings you have about this track, so please feel free to drop me a PM!

All the best,

Gregg (Babaluma)