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Hello, I'm a long-time AM dabbler (but by no means an expert!). I've recently finished a collection of tracks as part of my solo project "Alphabet Dust". I'll be releasing the entire set online in some shape or fashion in the near future, but in the meantime some of the tracks can be heard on MySpace:

Alphabet Dust - MySpace

Some tracks are completed entirely in AM, while others are based on AM sessions that are subsequently sliced and diced in Audacity and Cakewalk Project5.

Back in 2006 I used AM live as part of a semi-improvised performance by "Des Enfants Terribles", a one-off group assembled for the Le Weekend Festival here in Stirling, Scotland. I used a combination of live microphone feeds and prepared patches, loops and samples. The live set (plus a couple of other AM remix tracks) can be streamed or downloaded here:

Des Enfants Terribles - Le Weekend 2006

I'm looking forward to AM developments now we're on Ver2.0. I'm also glad to see the arrival of this new forum, I was never a fan of the Yahoo! Group format (although I always browsed the emailed digests).

Happy Mulching!