Using iphone to control audiomulch

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Getting an iphone next week so the last couple of days I've been researching apps for creating music, however most of them seem pretty lame. I've been using AM for a few years so started thinking about using the iphone as a remote midi controller with AM. Couldn't find anything specifically to do with AM on the net but it seems people are using iphones to control Ableton, Reason, Logic etc., so no reason it wouldn't work with AM right?

Turns out it works brilliantly!

Got the free mrmr app on the iphone (actually my girlfriend's ipod touch cos I don't have the phone yet), and installed OSCulator on the mac which receives the iphone signals and then maps them to midi channels. Configured the midi stuff in AM and it is awesome.

Only discovered this yesterday so it's still early days. Just been playing with the iphone accelerometers, but you can customise the banks in mrmr with buttons, sliders, knobs etc. It should work with Wiis and all kinds of other devices. The OSCulator site is good for setup information.

Has anyone else had a go with this? It seems like an exciting direction. There are a few different iphone apps that are similar, ie OSCemote and TouchOSC. And OSCulator seems pretty good as the middle-man, if it's super stable then AM wouldn't really need it's own OSC protocol as per the road map.

Anyway, as I said it's early days, will keep you posted. But I recommend giving it a go if you have the means.


ps. Really like the remote aspect. Last night had the computer hooked up to the stereo in the loungeroom and was waving the iphone around in the backyard...awesome fun.

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That's awesome, man. It makes me want an iPhone even more now!

Roll on February...

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This is sweet. Is there any way to do this with a PC or is it strictly Mac?