Midi controller rotors act like on-off

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DJ Rolf
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Greetings Mulchers:
I've been trying to use my Mixmeister Fusion controller with AM. It's a midi controller that plugs into my windows 7 laptop by a USB cord.
I can get get AM to recognize it. The problem is that the rotors don't give me any value on the contraption parameter but 0% or 100%. They change the parameter from maxium to minimum with the slightest touch, with nothing inbetween.
Playing with the smoothing in parameter control just makes the change from 0 to 100% take the entered time.
In other words, I can't make my rotors act in the manner with which the youtube vid gal gets any value she wants with her jog wheel.
Could the problem be that these rotors are endless, without stops at either end?



Ross B.
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[Reposting what I emailed Rolf privately:]

Sounds to me like the rotors are just sending increment/decrement values -- AudioMulch doesn't support that at present.

The usual fix is to change your control surface to absolute mode where it sends actual knob values rather than increment/decrement. Not sure your control surface can do that though.