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Hi all,

is there an easy way to generate midi controller data to be used in AM with a standard PC joystick?

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I use a program called on the Mac (built in Max) but the name completey escapes me... D'oh! On the PC, I believe that you can use GlovePie to convert joystick movements into MIDI CC# data.

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I don't know your platform, but this can be done on the Mac with JunXion by STEIM

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MULTICONTROL! That was a the one! It works with any USB HID device.

Only on OSX, though...

chapelier fou
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Plogue bidule allows this too.

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I saw this while I was trying to figure the same thing out myself and wanted to post what ended up working for me. I am using a PC laptop with windows XP. vmidijoy is a free program that translates PC joystick movements to midi cc data. It has a really intuitive interface that enables you to set controller numbers and midi commands. The next part is you need is MIDI YOKE. This is a free program that sets up virtual midi ports. Set up the virtual ports in AM under edit > settings > midi input and control. Then under parameter control for the instrument you are using, just make sure the settings match what you program into vmidijoy.

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Here's a bit more complicated way that worked for me on win vista. the one thing to avoid might be the foxglove, because i believe that is more of a programmer's tool.

here's what i used:
Joystickctrl (it's a .dll, vst) run in Savihost (though it might run by itself in AM?)
Midi Yoke 'd into the program you want to control.

Here's the trick: you have to put Joystickctrl into the Savihost folder, and then rename savihost.exe to the same name as the joystick plugin, but retain the '.exe'

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Hi everyone,

I need some help here!
Im trying to use my usb joystick as a MIDI controller on Metasurface. I can move the interpolate pointer but only diagonal ... i did everything... I did the calibration of my joystick, I installed and configured my MYokeNT and WMIDiJoy . I just know that is something in AM that im not mapping correctly!
Im trying to use my joystick just like mouse ... but my pointer move very fast and disorderly!
Some one can help me?

PS.: Sorry my english! :)