Audiomulch with Wiring or Arduino

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Hi everybody,

I'm doing a sound installation next february and I plan to use AM to do it. I want to use different electrical sensors (photocell, pressure cell, etc) via a Wiring or Aduino console to control a midi signal that would be assigned to parameters in AM.

Has anyone had experiences with implementing either Wiring or Arduino board with AM? Any experience or tips would be welcome!

Thanks and happy mulching!

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I built an Electronic Sensor Bow in the last couple of years for my Masters and used an Arduino to communicate with my PC.

I ran the data from the Arduino into PureData and then output it as MIDI using MIDIYoke to be used in any Audio program, including AudioMulch.

Theres a few PD patches to get data from an Arduino, I used Arduino2PD.

Was planning to rewrite my code to output it as MIDI straight to AudioMulch but I haven't had the chance to get around to that yet.

Ross B.
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+1 on using Pd and MIDI Yoke. This seems like a common approach. It gives you the flexibility to do some control signal processing in Pd.

Another option might be to use Processing instead of Pd.

On the Mac you can just use IAC instead of MIDI Yoke.

Making the Arduino send MIDI directly is some kind of option...