Sync 2 laptops to one or more project at the same BPM

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I was planning to start an experimental band, and I believe if there was a way to sync our groups laptops together somehow in audiomulch, we could have some sick concerts. If there's a way to do this already, please tell me.

Thank you


PS i.e. during a song live, i would control the beats and someone else would control only the melody

Ross B.
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You can do this with Network Sync.

On one machine

Control > Generate Network Sync

On the other

Control > Chase Network Sync

You both need to be on the same network (ethernet or wifi) and correct the IP addresses in the settings correctly.

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Tried the network sync, now what is supposed to happen?

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They should lock together. When you press play on 1, the other will start also. I've already done a while ago and it worked good.

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I'm having the same issue. I only have one router, and my laptop receives wireless, while my desktop is plugged in via ethernet. I could only assume this means they're on the same network. However, even after I input the IP address from my desktop into my laptop's Network Sync prefs, and changed all UDP Port settings to 49152, my laptop AM session doesn't start up when I play a session from my desktop (Both Chase Network Sync & Generate Network Sync being checked, respectively of course).

Any help would be great. Apologies for hacking the thread.


Ross B.
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I've given some detailed advice in your other thread:

Yes usually home WiFi routers bridge the same network between wired and wireless. If your desktop also has a wireless adapter it will have two ip addresses though (one for wired, and one for wireless).

Check your firewall settings. Check that you can ping between machines. There's more advice in the other thread.