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Hi. I am happy to present something bigger than the posts recently. But they were much and I don´t know if you are interested in this last thing that complets my big wishes.
To Ross: It´s improving live patching and make Mulchs own plugins more important
(especially the signal generators)
To all: The main idea is that the contraptions communicate among themselves, so you haven´t to make all these setting you have to do now.
If you are interested in, write a short reply, I mean particulary Ross.

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Dear Ross,I read your post (#8; new here- beginner questions; support help and ideas):" There is no option for this. The design philosophy of AudioMulch is generally to provide one way of doing things and to not provide a bazillion options to configure things to work in different ways. "
I think I understand you: Too much input of things to program for you / for us to learn,and a little musical output.
But subtile connections can compensate the limits of the automated container.
Especially the posibility to build up a system of musical phrases like in "Live" could be exciting to you.
That´s neither possible with the normal automation nor with the container alone.

The most of my posts in the past could be unnecessary, but there is no feedback?!

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No offense meant but I don't understand what you are talking about most of the time. I'd love to share some thoughts on your ideas but you need to elaborate a bit more.

When you say: "To all: The main idea is that the contraptions communicate among themselves, so you haven´t to make all these setting you have to do now."

What do you mean exactly?

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Thanks for Your feedback, paradiddle!
It´s a new sort of Automation. But it uses the snapshots, so it´s repeating and you have only to do once your settings.
It´s working within the signal generators in patterns like those for key, gate and tie. I said "the contraptions communicate among themselves" ,because with this patterns,_ effects and other contraptions are reached and influenced (e.g. the panning of one note).
The sense is, that one automation-curl (the audios mangling) is bound directly to its note within a snapshot of the signal.-generator. Therfore You can programm e.g. a bassline-snapshot, and the pan comes with you.

I don´t know, if You understand all of it, what I´ve written. You know the container idea (Your Post), but it´s not overlapping. I´m happy about my idea, but with no one, who is interested in, it´s sad. Thank You.

P.S. There are many beautyful details, but: say Your opinion.

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I try it once more: It´s not an exchangeable automation again.

-Metasurface: change your settings live
-upper chord scale: Change the mood of your music, through the key (live possible)
-normal automation: For changes along your track
-snapshot automation: define radical basic changes
-constant value automation: vary your snapshots (small variations along the track OR in one musical phrase)
-automateable container: define changes in one musical phrase; LFOs/ Envelopes/ Automating Snapshots (live possible)
-subtle (subtile) connections: define the expression of one or more notes, or its surroundings (unlimited, complex LFOs/ Envelopes/FM(AM possible)/free logical connections), live changings possible

Here are some possibilities of subtile connections:
-pattern opens sidechain that does FM to one note; same pattern puts an Volume-envelope(attack/ release) over the sidechain through a gain-contraption.
-pattern trigger a recorder contraption, that plays its record once then
-Vibrato through special envelope on one note
-Digi-Grunge contraption exites (every) bassline-note;; increasing from the notes beginning to its end(attack).
-Para EQ pitches a testgen- contraption=noise (followes the notes of a bound bassline)
-Para EQ ducks the spectrum of the melody to make the connected basslines spectrum free(its notes are used)
-southpol = complex envelope;  (modified) sspat= complex LFO
through their connections (bassline trigger possible)
-Elektro-style sounds out of one bassline(a lot of envelopes/effects, a 8x8matrix-controlled by this bassline, every sound(1-8) one 10Harmonics)
-envelopes that use the tie
-chords(e.g.3 basslines, only one automated )
-pad and bassline bound(10 Harmonics rules the basslines root note; defined[ +/-] delay[the 10Harm.reaction is delayed/the bassline´s reaction is delayed])
- delay-feedback of drums- You choose only one punch this snapshot to be delayed
- logical connection: while the drums are getting louder and closer(More beats) the pad is getting more behind in the nasty reverb;means: Wet/ dry , one compressor(long release) adjust the value; no ruling signal generator-contraption (live drums possible)
 -every value OR envelope -> one pattern; can be combined with other patterns- then intersection
-one envelope over more notes possible
-Several notes get noisy; bassline to crossfader; testgen-pitched noise possible
-instead of bassline every time, arpeggiator Or drums are possible