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I have not bothered to scan all of the feature requests in this forum, so I hereby apologize if I duplicate anyone's ideas in what follows. I have been playing with AudioMulch for a few months now, making steady progress, enjoying myself immensely. I am not particularly experienced in computer-music-making, so if anything here sounds naive, that may be why. But here are some ideas for features that I've thought of:

1) More use of color in the GUI, if only showing the Save/Don't Save panel in red so it better catches my eye. That panel sometimes pops up, as it should, but is lost amidst all the other similarly colored panels and I don't even see it until I realize I should be looking for it. I'd rather NOT see the GUI turn into a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors, but one or two used in selected situations could be helpful.

2) In Bassline contraption, it would be fun - for some of us, anyway, I think - if its Randomize button supplied notes that were constrained to a certain pre-selected scale or chord. Perhaps one could pick out notes on a small keyboard a la Appegiator, or select from a list. (Perhaps there is a way of doing this already, which I am unaware of, in which case, do tell.) I sometimes find that the rhythms this 'R' button creates are quite interesting, but it's a pain in the neck to change individual notes to those that 'fit' into a larger setup. I've often wondered what the point of such a totally randomizing function is; any hints? And why not do the same in Drums, too?

3) Again in Bassline, I would find it helpful if there was an easy way to split notes in half, time-wise. So, if I had a sequence of eighth notes, I might push a button and see them turned into a series of paired sixteenth notes, which i could keep tied together to create 8ths, or not. Likewise, it would be handy to be able to insert notes into Bassline sequences, but I can see that that would be way difficult.

Well, I have some more, but I need to post these and move on just now ...

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I don't have a problem with the save/don't save window, but I really like the idea of colors! It would be great if you could open up the color picker and color code groups of contraptions, you know like how metasurface works. It would also be good if in the automation window the bar that the mute/record button is on automatically takes that color too. It'd be nice if the color selector was a window rather than modal as it is now, but it would be quite helpful regardless.