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Mike Beaumont
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Joined: July 22, 2009

I tend to use Audiomulch like I would a regular DAW. Loop players are the norm in my setup.
The Visual window for setup and Automation are really what keep me coming back to this program.
I understand this is completely a different program that sets itself apart from the others, but, Ross, any possible way of adding a "Pitch changer +/- " to the loop player.

Any thoughts, comments...

Mike B

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hi, the patch posted here should do what you want.
( Being able to make master contraptions containing patches like this are something I'd like see in audiomulch 2.5, but that's another story)

But oh yes! I would love to be able to make pitch changes. If this was done like in sound forge or audition with their pitch benders where it resamples (or whatever magic is going on) I would be very happy. There is a slight time delay depending on the sample size, but I could live with it. You don't get any odd artifacts.

It would be a good function to have in the Live Looper, Cannon Looper and File Player too.

Other than doing micro-edits, pitch changes are the only reason I still use soundforge and audition. In a regular DAW having to make a sampler and then loading a sample into it before changing pitch is a hassle and then you have to bounce that to disk....

I'm not sure how software samplers are able to change pitch so quickly and still sound good. I know ableton licenses an algorithm to do this with regular audio, but it can be glitchy. It's fine when you load audio in their sampler though.

You know I was thinking you could load a software sampler vst/au and record into that, but I can only find two soft samplers that you can record into and it's not really worth spending money to do! If you're on os x you might want to play with musolomo. http://plasq.com/products/musolomo

Mike Beaumont
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Joined: July 22, 2009


Thanks for the info.....the DL Granulator seems to work fine after I clean up the rough areas.
I'll also check into the Musolomo vst and see how that works.

Thanks again!