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Ive a Question because im not sure if the Feature is already there or not.

Can i do Offline Processing when i output to a File.

For Example i use Audio File Player- Audio Unit Plugin- Audio File Recorder.

In PlogueBidule (or Reaper etc) i can use Offline Processing Mode so the rendering Speed is faster then Realtime.
But Audiomulch always render the output in "Realtime" so it takes the same Time as the Audio File lenght...its a long Time for a few hours long Audio Files

Maybe im blind or i dont know how to use it, but i cant see a Offline Processing Mode ?

I hope somebody can help me


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Menu -> File -> Export to Sound File :-)

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Thank you.
yes, i see. For 6 Channels Output ive to use :
SoundOu(1,2) Aux1(3,4) and Aux2(5,6)

And how can i import/export a multichannel Sound "File" with Soundin/out ?
Its not supported by Audiomulch ? When its true i wont by Audiomulch

Maybe someone from the Suppoprt can answer my Qeustion ??

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use the file players for multi-channel. They load individual files but also multi-channel files.

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that can work.

When i use File Player instead of Soundin i cant select "Proccessed Soundin File" in Export Options.
So there no Output...only Silence

And File Recorder doenst work too because Export to Soundfile (offline=what i need) only works with SoundOut

That means : SoundIn + SoundOut works with Soundfile Export, but onyl Stereo.
Multichannel via FilePlayer/Recorder works ,but only offline

So or so, multichannel in andsout doenst work "offline" with Audiomulch as like with Plogue Bidule

Ross B.
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Sorry, yes you're right. Export To Sound File is currently only stereo. Fixing that is on the list of things to improve. For now using the MultiFileRecorder is the only real option sorry.

If you need to record precise lengths you should be able to automate playback start on a FilePlayer (right click on the FilePlayer play button and choose Automate, make sure auto-rewind is selected) and record start/stop on a MultiFileRecorder (right-click on the recorder Record button and choose Automate).