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mayby it is a little to late (i think there is still a concept of midi;.....see ROADMAP )

Midi southpole means: a contraption, that have an input, change it patternbased with envelopes like the normal southpole and an output. But( in this case) only midi in and audio out.

It works like this: Midi ,of a pianorole or performed live at the keyboard, goes to the midisouthpole and is only pitched(a note command or the velocity) or pitched through an envelope -patternbased (like the modwheel). In this midi-southpole is uploaded an Vsti.
It only gets the changed data from the southpole and is only programmed internal in itsself (you have assign the midi controlls).

Other Midi Modules:
-A five instrument loader with only pitch and gate for each(with a midi input like above)
OR the same but only a gate and pitch without loading but with five midi outputs. (for example to the midi southpols)
- a keyboard- splitter with one midi input and two midioutputs
-a keyboard- splitter with three midi outputs
- a keyboard assigner (to assign midi controles to others freely(with sometimes the help of envelopes))
-a midi dublicater with two midi outputs
-a higher pianorole to record or paint midi signals fast and without steps
(higher means: all the midicontrolls)

Related request:
-all the audiocontraptions could have the opinion to be midi synced or clock-synced:
that means: Today they are only clocksynced.But Midi synced means that they do their work when the note-on signal appears. The bassline beginns to play its melody, the delay beginns to put out the audio, an it swings only until this moment(produced its echos).
But their automation(lane) is not effected! You can play parts of Audiomulch like an instrument and other swings after clock!!!!

Ross B.
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Hi. Thanks for the suggestions. I will eventually add some basic MIDI contraptions but for now there are many plugin solutions to these things (see Pez VSTs for example).

I don't think the MIDI southpole idea is likely to happen though.

> -a midi dublicater with two midi outputs

Not sure why you would need this. You can already drag multiple patch cords from one MIDI output to multiple inputs.

> -a higher pianorole to record or paint midi signals fast and without steps

This is unlikely to happen. You should look for a sequencer or sequencer plugin if you want to do MIDI sequencing.

-- Ross.

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I never thought there was a midi-sequencer plug-in, but now I found two of it(no Pez).
In the Audiomulch-forums (PC Plug-ins/ Mac Plug-ins) there are more, but I meant thesys from sugar bytes (PC/Mac) and numerology from five12.com (only Mac).
Thesys can replace the higher pianorole! and is enough for my aim. But there is something missing.
Thesys has only one output-channel. A third product "temper" by "angry red planet" has more outs, but it´s not so clear to see through and it doesn´t animate to get creative(a sequencer like these ones, which make me stay at audiomulch)
Numerlogy is only for mac, I have a notebook. But It´s unlimited in possibilities, because it´s modular
- remember me of "u-he zebra" ,a synthesizer, many possibilitys, no wish to explore, too many undermenues.
and I don´t know if there were more than one outputs(Numerlogy).

MY WISH WAS a modular web of midi contraptions lying in a seperate midi-patcher, That build up melodies and the accompaniment by controlling the audio- or the end-midi -contraptions.
I admit, this is reachable by the normal contraptions per copy and paste, but it wouldn´t have such a workflow. It´s good to have more than one approach to get creative____ MIDI-Build up parts, Delays and Granulators on the other hand.
Controllable could be the the paraEQ- Pitch(a pitchfollowerer wouldn´t be that exact). The bassline-Pitch, The 10harmonics as the default VSTi with more options. Your midi-contraption could be assign to a normal contraption, whose nobs you can assign with it like you automate today(midi-learn). If there were added midi chanals it could be a LFO.
There could be a gate_mixer witch destribute rythmically the notes of one thesys. for drums that needs more than one soundcolour(it´s possible in an audiomixer, too, to distribute rythmically the audio); All possible with audio, but some soundquality-loss and a lot of copy/paste.
MY DREAM WAS to turn a knob and there happens a transient, lead to another part
ruled by your midi-patch (If This is possible).

And your patch can end with only Thesys, some work with bassline- chords.
Or it could be all triggered, transformed, modeled, automated.

Yet you must deal with one Thesys per drumpeace(more CPU???)in one patcher

P.S.Bassline could be better in the old way if you could automate the pitch, because the number of snapshots decrease with this option.
TO YOUR MARK: The MIdi doubbler would be something to order the things(like Busses yet)