Graphical Patching window & other contraptions ideas/needs

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hi friends,
probably, I initially apologize because I'm a deep max5 user and I'm really influenced by this.

I missed a couple of features about the patching windows & contraptions:
- aligning contraptions,
- rerouting wire path (I already began to build complex patches)
- real vu meters would be great (even if the fading inlet/outlet is a VERY smart way)
- only controlled parameters visible to make a nice GUI
- I'd love to have some "little" sequencers which can be connected to bassline, drums etc.
(I mean, a separation between sequencing/pattern part & sound part)

just my 2 cents!
long life to audiomulch and yell me "good luck' because tomorrow, I'll make a performance with it for a special event

all the best,