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I have a dream about FM Synthesis capabilities within audiomulch. the automation capabilities in audiomulch offering a great opportunity for FM Synthesis. We could transform a sinus to noise and far more within a unlimited timeline to modulate the amp, carrier, modulator, etc. . Unlike the other "standard FM Synthesis" realization, concentrated in antiquated synthesizer concepts.
So, would it possible to build a (FM) contraption with six or eight sinus oscillators with ratio, offset, amp,pan?

I hope other user would also confirm my thinking All best for you Ross ... a faithful audiomulch user

P.S. Sorry for my bad english


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I think FM synthesis has been mentioned before...

It would be an awesome addition

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Russell Borogove made a great FM oscillator VST that also responds to MIDI, if my memory serves me correctly, and was designed with AudioMulch in mind. It was called "Femme", and is still available here:

It sounds great when you use two (one modulator and one carrier), and modulate the frequency of both, and the depth of the FM index amount with AM's automation pane.

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In fact, it would be awesome if Russell and Ross could collaborate to include many of Russell's plugins into AM as native contraptions, as he wrote so many of them specifically for AM. My fave being Pegger.

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...and Edge, have desingened whole tracks around that plugin!



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Maybe the FM synthesis could be realized over sidechain. An improved 10 Harmonics could fulfil your wishes; But also creative options were possible then: FM out of granular synthesis, copped modulators, bound effects(nasty reverb) to modulator. To don´t get these modulators out of controll, subtile connections would be useful....

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I'd also love to see FM/cross-modulation modules in Mulch! I feel they're very much in line with its core philosophy of creative audio!