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I would be grateful if there could be the ability to edit the hotkeys in AM. For example, Return, by default, toggles the AM clock, but this interferes with my ability to use the Plogue Bidule plugin in Mulch, as some Bidule modules require hitting Enter to confirm a value. If I could choose another key to turn on the timeline or disable the use of the Return key altogether by Mulch, that would help.

If this hotkey-editing functionality already exists, I wasn't able to find it, and would be grateful if I could be pointed towards where I can already do this.


Ross B.
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Hello Phil!

The issue with AM stealing return key from Bidule is a known issue and it's on my list of things to fix.

Editable hot keys: well that's not a priority right now but perhaps it is the easiest way to solve this particular issue.. we'll see.