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a year ago i wanted to know if there was a way to control vst plugins from a diffrent software - the clear answer was to use midi commands to control them but it isn't satisfying as it is very hard and long procedure and you still lose some functionality.

i'm building a new rig and i'm wondering if its possible to take control of a vst-plugin-window out side of the host ans maximize it to a full screen so it would be possible to control it with a touchscreen panel.

let me explain, in the carpc world, we are always embedding diffrent kinds of software into our front-end software by taking control of the WINDOW-NAME of the program. i wonder if this kind of a feature could be expected in future versions of audiomulch. i'm sure that this kind of feature could be very helpful to other users, no ?


Ross B.
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There have been some discussions in the past about supporting top-level plugin windows. Some large plugins (like Reaktor for example) could benefit from this. On Mac, all plugin windows are top-level due to various vagaries of the mac windowing system. I would like to one day clean all this up and make things more consistent. But there are definitely higher priorities at the moment (for most users I get the impression making plugin windows non-top-level on Mac is a higher priority than allowing them to be top-level on Windows).

Keep in mind that VST plugins have fixed size windows, so there is no such thing as maximizing or enlarging a VST plugin to fill the whole screen. You could maximise its window, but its UI would stay the same size -- I'm not sure that's a major improvement over just hiding all of the AudioMulch GUI except for the properties pane (which you can do right now).

What can most likely be expected in the future is a full-screen mode. That combined with hiding everything but the properties pane might give you most of what you want. Then you'd just have the problem of whether VST plugins are easy to edit with a touch screen.