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Sometimes I have a Bassline open to edit its sequence. I may have adjusted its zoom factor and pan (?) left and right to work on a particular section of notes. Then, done for the moment, I close the panel and try out my new edits, or whatever. But then, when i re-open the same panel by double-clickong in the Patcher window, the panel shows me the entire sequence, as if from a distance, and I have to zoom in again, etc., to start editing again.

IN short, 't would be nice if this display didn't change so on each closing and reopening.

And this ... Sometimes when choosing notes in Bassline, by using the pop-up keyboard, I lose track of which note I had chosen to change. I mean, I click on the note in the Bassline time grid, up pops the keyboard, and I choose a note and it closes. But now, I am unsure which note I had changed. Yes, I usually remember the new note and can see it "underneath" when the keyboard is closed again, but if I happen to be distracted or shift my attention, I can lose track. Small matter, but perhaps the program could blink the note, or something, to confirm its change.
Also, I wonder there might be a way to change many notes at once, or at least more easily than now. One idea I have would be to, say, command-click on an existing note value and then copy its value to other notes by command-clicking on them, too. Or something like that. Just a thought.