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Might not seem very useful to others, but a version of Audiomulch for the iPad would be awesome. Especially the Metasurface. Perhaps an iPad app that is just a Metasurface remote?

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Fuck iPad!

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Fuck ipad what? It certainly is a less expensive alternative to a lemur. Some good potential has a music device for doing live shows.

I highly doubt you'll see mulch on the ipad though. It's a lot more work for a single developer to support another platform even though it's macosx.

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maybe that should have read, "Screw Apple" ? :)

I look forward to open sorce alternatives that anyone can tweak and program. Everything about Apple is just too big brother-power tripping-tech lord for me.

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Actually If you lookup alternatives to the ipad in google, you'll hit a few things.

I've found thoses :

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"Fuck iPad!"


i think you'll be saying that for a long long time.. they are selling bajillions of the things and are in 88 countries or something.. like it or not.. it is here to stay.

Blur Box
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AudioMulch for the IPad would be great, but I tend to think this is a job for Apple. Shouldn't the IPad work it's was toward running Mac apps either way?

At the moment (as far as I know) AM does not yet support multi-touch anyway. Personally, I would suggest working out two point summing on the Meta-Surface so that touchscreen enabled computers could function more expressively with it, before diving into the multi-touch capabilities of the IPad. Also two point multi-touch would be a great way to connect patch cords, as well as zooming, which Ross had mentioned as a possibility.

Midi Osc might make a worthwhile IPad Mulch controller as is.

I use a Wacom Fun to control AM, which is multi-touch and has pretty much lived up to it's name.



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that seems kind of pointless... but maybe being able to use an ipad or multitouch controller to display the metasurface, and control it wirelessly... that could be cool :)

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iPad is really cool but I haven’t installed Audiomulch yet. So I don’t have any experience abut it. Anyway, I am still glad that to know that Amazon, the makers of Kindle, is now selling Apple’s iPad, the tablet that made their Kindle e-reader look like a doorstop. Analysts say the deal is good for both Amazon and Apple.

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If AudioMulch was on iPad and then then Apple makes a waterproof model then you could use Audiomulch in the bathtub :)

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Thanks.. I purchased Dell Streak its great but i should admit mac os is great! nevertheless i have a ipad too

Samuel Fisher
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I'm using the Ipad presently as a metasurface remote by using an XY fader in touchOSC, routed to midi in Max, and then sent to AM! This is just one of many controls within that setup however.