Regular clicks and Gaps - CPU load too high?

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this is slightly URGENT

Ive made a metasurface patch that im running with UA-1EX soundcard.
Mic input - Joystick mapped to mouse using Controllermate (on os x) and Joymouse on Win XP.

Ive tried two different laptops One DELL inspiron mini 10 running os x and one Sony Vaio running XP and both are giving me audio dropouts:
About twice a second, in a regular pattern, if I move into the top right part of my meta surface or if the input into the mic is loud (not peak).

Is this a CPU overload? or not enough ram?
The CPU monitor in AM never goes above 29%

the patch can be found here:

Can anyone see whats going wrong?
If my computers are under powered?
Can I get a .log file that will tell us whats up?



Ross B.
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The .amh link is not working for me. Try again or email to and I'll load it here and see.

Is it clicking the same on OSX and Windows?

What are your audio driver settings in the Settings/Preferences dialog?