Native Instruments Driver plug-in - UI issue [fixed in 2.2.4]

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Native Instruments offered me a free plug-in called Driver, a filter-distortion thing, and I grabbed it (you can get it till end of year, I believe, then it starts to cost $$$). It sounds pretty good, but something about the UI  doesn't work. Specifically, its AM-rendered contrapation panel doesn't reflect any changes in the plug-in's own graphical UI, and vice-versa. They don't seem to be connected as I think they should - and as I've seen on some other third-party contraptions. You can grab either the AM slider or a graphical knob and it will control the filter's behavior, but graphically, the two representations seem to be independent of each other.

  There's more. As expected, double-clicking on a slider in the AM contraption panel will pop up a related "Set Value" window, but the values there are not expressed in the expected units. For example, the plug-in has a Frequency control. In the slider view, its value can be set anywhere from 26Hz to 35KHz. But open the Set Value panel and the values range from 0.0 to 1.0. In this panel, it says "Total  Range: 26Hz to 35KHz." I have not done the math, but I assume that the 0 to 1 range maps to the Hz range. But again, if I set the value by typing in a number and save it, the Frequency slider does not move in response, as I think it should, no?

I have seen this kind of thing on some other non-AM contraptions, too. I just haven't bothered to mention it. I will alert NI, as well.

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The issue with Audio Unit generic editor parameter display getting out of sync with the native editor will be resolved in 2.2.4. If anyone needs a fix now there is a beta build here:

[beta link deleted]

[UPDATE: this issue is fixed in version 2.2.4 available now:]