mulch needs FXP saving and loading

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I would put this in feature requests but this is too much of a problem and ends up coming off more like a bug..

When I load a Vst/vsti that has internal presets but doesn't have its own preset loading/saving routine so then click on Vst Programs Save/Load VST program bank (fxb) but then it only loads and saves whats already present in the internal bank

So modifying a preset like the init preset and then saving the fxb and then loading it always reverts it back to default, this is a problem!

In this situation where mulch dosent save the modified preset insidethe amh itself, and it won't load changes with the fxb format process then there should be some other way to save a made preset and then load it, other then using a third party vst host/vst loading preset manager like the wusik vm. So a fxp save/load state function seems important.

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Ok I may have spoke a little too soon. FXP would still be handy but I found that the FXB worked a little better then I first thought.

Being able to edit the names of the patches before saving as a fxb would be helpful though.

To clarify for other people who may have this same issue: When I saved my amh it didn't save the presets i made for my vst and to fix that I had to save the internal bank as an fxb which gave audiomulch a container for saving the presets for that plugin.

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youre dead right, this really needs attention.

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Yes, I've found that if I load up an internal VST preset, that preset change is not saved when I close my AMH file. However, if I load that VST preset then save a Mulch preset everything is saved with the AMH.

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VST programs are not saved in the AMH file because some VSTs have _very_ big program banks, which would result in every one of your documents storing all presets for every plugin you use.

short answer: use mulch presets not VST presets