MIDI out and AM issue..

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Been getting back into AM since i don't really need an excessive DAW on my lil net book and I've run into a problem. I've been trying to set up MIDI out to various hardware synths. I'm using a USB audio interface (yamaha UW500) and i can manually trigger note on and off by other means but whenever I attempt it in AM i'm only able to get any MIDI transfer on channel one.. all the channels above one are trying to send something but none of the synths are responding. Has anyone else run into this problem? if so what is the simple bit that i'm overlooking?

Ross B.
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I'm not sure how you're sending MIDI out of AM since there are no MIDI out contraptions yet (coming soon though...) are you using a VST to send the MIDI out? perhaps AM is filtering its MIDI input? You can set that on the Parameter Control page for the plugin, although usually it is set to All (1-16).

I can probably help further if you explain exactly how you're doing hardware MIDI output.