midi on different channels still not resolved ? [FIXED in 2.0.4]

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As the topic says ...mulch 2.0.3 is still unable to send midi data on different channels .
I posted the same issue a couple of months ago and thought that by now it would be fixed .
SO short description once again ;;;midi vst plugin ERA ( midi stepsequencer with 16 midi channel output ) is configured to send note data out on midi channel 1 and 2 ---to some vsti's
The vsti's are set to receive on channel 1 and 2 ( each vst his own unique midi channel )
Result =notes get cut off ....the data that is send on midi channel 1 is also send to the vst that is set to receive on channel 2 ..thus I think that audiomulch is sending data on all channels ...
We need a midi channel filter !!!!

Ross B.
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Please try the 2.0.4 beta version linked here and let me know if it resolves the issue for you:

Thank you