MIDI control of Mulch Contraption YEY / MIDI control of VST plugins NAY

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hi guys.. the title says it all... im right now trying Mulch2.02 on an XP machine and external MIDI control of Mulch's internal contraptions is a breeze... grrreattt

but any VST i try to MIDI control wont respond. grrrr...

yess i tried by connecting the midi output of the MIDI IN contraption to the midi in of a given VST and it doesnt work either..

(that being said not ALL VST show up in mMulch with a midi in connection...)


Al Magnifico
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MIDI remote control of VST parameters is done in the same way as with the internal contraptions, by MIDI remote mapping via parameter dialog or context menu. (It translates incoming MIDI into parameter values)

The VSTs MIDI IN is for MIDI control of the VST (e.g. a synthesizer, which produces audio when receiving a note on). Not all VST-plugins have MIDI-ins (several effects don't make use of MIDI)

However, it should work without connecting the VSTs MIDI in. Maybe it doesn't work because it is connected, because mapped MIDI and MIDI received over VST MIDI IN interfere.

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thanks Al for that generous answer.
but i is anybody out there able to simply assign a midi controller to a VST plug and have it work?

Ross B.
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Hi Guy

Did you work this out? Do you still think there's a bug?


-- Ross.

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hi Ross, scuzme for answering close to a year later...

so... meanwhile, in late 2009, my trial version ran out and i just lost interest in AM cuz of that "problem"
in a few days, gonna download the trial for your lastest version and we'll see!!!!!