Mapping midi presets for contraptions like 5 Combs and Test Gen

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Tree Farm
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I've had luck mapping my monome with different contraptions; however, whenever I try to map each button as a specific preset number, I have no luck. The program receives the midi message, but I can't seem to figure out how to setup multiple presets for different buttons. The steps I've taken are as follows:

1. Enable mid etc.
2. Open parameter control
3. Select five combs from drop down
4. Quick map midi
5. Click "Use next received message"
6. Send a message from monome to audiomulch
7. Message is received
8. Change preset in property window from "1" (5 comb setting with A chord) to "2" (C sharp chord)
9. Repeat steps two through seven.
10. When I click the two different buttons, nothing happens

For the sake of making sure my device is sending messages, I map other things like gain etc. during the same setting. I am successful with these, but am left wondering what I'm doing wrong in trying to assign buttons specific presets.

Please help, and thank you for your time! I appreciate it.

Ross B.
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A couple of things:

Make sure you're mapping the Preset Number in the Parameter Control window (or right-click on the preset selector in the contraption editor and select Quick-map there).

Depending on what the monome is transmitting for each button it's hard to say for certain what's happening.

AM accepts one control change or program change channel to control presets. You need to have each monome button send a different CC or PC _value_ on the _same_ channel/controller number for the mapping to work.

I'm not sure that's going to get you there but hopefully it helps a little.

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The specific commands are:
Ch.1 Program Change: 1
Ch.1 Program Change: 2
Ch.1 Program Change: 3

The corresponding hex is:
C0 00
C0 01
C0 02

Thought I would just add this as I was trying to do a similar thing and finding out these specific commands was the final step to implementing it (I've never been one for CCs or PCs so it was all new to me).

Ross B.
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Hi again Tree Farm,
Did you work this out? Looking at your initial steps, it seems like you think you're supposed to quick-map each preset separately. That's not how it works -- you use quick map to assign a MIDI controller to change presets, then the the controller value will determine which preset changes.

So for example, if your buttons all send program change on channel 1, then the program change number will be the thing that determines which preset is selected.

Does that make sense?


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I might be reading this wrong, but are you trying to use different buttons to map the preset changes of a single contraption? i.e. button 1 to set 'delay' to preset 1, button 2 to set 'delay to preset 2.

This wouldn't work if the buttons are on different channels because each time you quick map one button to the preset function it would replace the last buttons effect and being a button would only have a binary type output.

However, it can be worked around using something like PD so that each MIDI button channel in will set a single MIDI out channel to a specific number when triggered. i.e. button 1 sets MIDIout1 to 1, button 2 sets MIDIout1 to 2. Then you can use MIDIYoke or similar to input the MIDI into AM, assign MIDIout1 (or whatever channel) to the preset contraption, and each button will now make the appropriate preset change.

I've used this approach successfully in the past.