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I should preface this with the fact that I"m a new user (just got an intel mac), and still working with the demo.

I've had a great time with this program thus far, but ran into the following. The sound input seems to simply use the input set in system preferences. (better would be if it allowed you to choose from the different devices set in the audio midi setup).

I decided to try for a more flexible setup, so I set the system input to my aggregate device.

What happened then is that while this became the choice in the audiomulch sound input preferences, as soon as I try to hit play, it quits immediately.

And now, even when I go back and change my system settings back to the original input, audiomulch is stuck on the aggregate device, and quits my patch as soon as I try to play it. I imagine that the solution will be to trash preferences, but I'm not sure exactly what the rules are here. Is the aggregate device to be avoided?

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that sounds like something that needs to be addressed by Ross. I have no way to duplicate that scenario.. no aggregate device in my set up.

you may want to dig up the crash log and send it to Ross.

applications -> utilities -> terminal -> log files -> library logs -> crash reporter

there should be crash file related to audiomulch. when you select it all the data will show up in the window to the right. i just select all the data and copy/paste it into a text file. makes for easy attachment to email.

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I sent it off. It was in a totally different location though - library\logs\crash reporter....