On Mac: Two Small UI Issues

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I just noticed this: Say I have a contraption's property editor open (e.g. Bassline). I click on the preset number (or dash --) on top bar and up pops the preset menu showing its list. If, now, I click again on that original number, the one on the top bar, the hidden part of the contraption's editor (knobs and whatever) blinks from behind and through the present menu, as if the latter were momentarily transparent. No big deal, this, as why would I click on that number, as I have? Just thought you should know, in case it's a sign of something significant. 

Slightly more annoying is this: I open a Bassline and arrange a string of notes, across 4 bars, say. I use the horizontal scroll bar, pulling to the left on its right end, to zoom in on the note editor so note values appear. And let's say I even extend the Bassline property editor's pane to the right, to accomodate this close up view across all 4 bars at once; it's now longer than usual. If I now close the Bassline editor altogether and then reopen it - 2 seconds later or 5 minutes - it will have zoomed back out, making the grid of notes much smaller than before and showing not 4 bars but maybe 8, with the four right-most of those blank. In short, I no longer have the view I had set up to work with and the pane is wasting a good deal of real-estate. Perhaps this is correct behavior, and it's not the end of the world, but I tend to find it annoying, that it cannot remember a previous view/zoom setting. It makes it necessary to readjust the view so as to see the note values and edit them again. 

This is the latest AM release running on Mac with Lion. But I observed this last phenom. before, too.

Ross B.
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Thanks for the feedback.

The thing with the preset window temporarily dissapearing happens because clicking outside the preset window always causes it to hide. I am concerned about this only in so far as that it has alarmed you enough to post about it. Does it make a bad impression? Does it bother you so much that I should spend half a day fixing it instead of adding new features?

If I understand correctly, the other thing you're asking is for the Bassline (and other pattern editors) to remember their zoom level if you close them and reopen them. Right now, as you've noticed, this isn't saved. I can look in to doing that in the future.






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"The thing with the preset window temporarily dissapearing" doesn't bother me much at all. It was surprising, I have to say, because one is not used to computer windows behaving this way, suddenly showing what's behind them. I'm glad to live with it.

Saving the zoom level in pattern editors would be nice to have, but it's not a must-have. Maybe others will chime in.