Locking "Properties" Window?

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Not sure if this is more appropriate in "Feature Requests"...

I had a strange situation the other night, running AM 2.2.3 on my MacBookPro.

Once or twice a month I hook up an external monitor for extra patching madness. I dragged the "Properties" window to the second monitor and tootled merrily away. When I later used the laptop on its own I noticed the Properties panel had stayed detached. I also saw that it doesn't have the "x" and "two squares" icons in the upper left like the Patcher and Automation windows do. It took me about 30 minutes over the next couple days to get the interface back to where I wanted it--Patcher & Automation tabs w/Browser pinned to left side of screen, Properties top-to-bottom on the right.

This could be an OSX - only problem...I never had it using AM on XP, though I also never had an extra monitor to drag things to. IIRC, "popped-out" windows on XP usually have right-click options and the "Close - Minimize - Maximize" buttons are never greyed-out like often happens in OSX.

So I guess my long-winded question is:

1) Why doesn't "Properties" (or Metasurface, or Parameter Control) have same window options as Patcher & Automation...Could they?

2) Could there be an option in "Preferences" to "lock current window state," no matter what? I have accidentally repeated the issue I mentioned above several times...I feel it's more likely to happen on OSX as AUs GUIs tend to persist by default (rather than disappearing when another item behind them is clicked). So I end up pushing plugins out of the way, which makes it easy to accidentally grab/resize a window edge.

3) How about implementing "screensets" or something similar? Reaper lets you save pretty much any window config to a function key; ReNoise has 8 different view contexts; Reason has F5 Mixer - F6 Rack - F7 Sequencer views; and Adobe Audition has different Multitrack / 2 Track / Mastering views.