Live sound output is poor, but saved files are fine.

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When I am using Audiomulch I have to crank up my system volume and my powered speakers. If I put the same wav file into Adobe Audition for instance the volume would be extremely loud. When I increase the gain attached to those loops I quickly push the "sound out" bar into the red even though things are not very loud. However when I save a file from the sound output, the file is of the expected volume and sounds fine.

Also, it is not just the volume, the live output sounds thin and hollow compared to when I play the same file in Audition. When I record the output and play that everything again sounds perfect.

Thank you for your help and for making this program!

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Well, I changed to the ASIO4ALL driver and everything is completely fine now. I don't remember what driver it was using before i switched it.


Ross B.
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Yeah, perhaps it was some settings in your windows soundcard mixer (which ASIO4ALL probably bypasses).

On the Windows version of AudioMulch you can display the Windows system mixer from AudioMulch's View menu.