Insertion not happening like the video or document tutorial on Mac.

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Joined: December 17, 2013

On macbook pro with latest update.....

I try following the video/document tutorial of inserting sdelay between the player and the ouput contraption. It's not happening.

Is it a bug, does this work for anyone else?

The video was clearly made on a PC and the Mac version is new so.......

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Joined: December 17, 2013

Talking to myself..LOL

So.. Today I tried again but did the following,

Changed the color scheme to bright,

This allowed me to see the forshadowing of how things are going to be connected.

It also allowed things to be easier when patching. Recomendation *white shadows with the dark scheme*

I could see where and why the connection would connect to one input, two inputs or insert mode. its tricky fer sure.

It should be recommended that begionners with this program work with a white scheme.