glitchy audio goes away when all windows closed..

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I've setup a live-sound project that averages about 60% CPU.

I started to noticed clicks, and glitches.

Discovered that the following causes clicks and glitches from worst to least (approximately):

View Signal Activity in patcher
Contraption Preset window
Automation Autoscroll
Automation Window
Mouse clicks within Audio Mulch
Any open window

When can this problem get fixed? I dread the idea of having to run AudioMulch in my upcoming performance without being able to look at any of its windows or mouse around...

Ross B.
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Are you on Windows or Mac? This sounds like a conflict with your graphics card to me. But it could be any number of things -- soundcard settings come to mind.

If you're on Windows, experiment with changing the graphics acceleration setting in your graphics card control panel.

You may also need to adjust your audio driver buffer sizes (Settings/Preferences > Audio General).

Also see the help file page about optimising real time performance.

If you post some more information about the hardware you're using we might be able to help more.


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Thanks for your reply.

I have a dual boot machine. Currently running on Win 7 Ultimate using Lynx AES 16 card at highest latency setting and all tablet drivers disabled.

Graphics card is Nvidea Geforce 9800 GTX+

Will try changing settings in Graphics card. So many settings it could take hours to determine what affects what. Will also try to install on Mac boot and see if the problem goes away. Will report back.

Cheers, jeremy