Fragmental VST crashes

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This VST is usually pretty stable, but it seems like if you accidentally come across certain settings, it will just pop and emit this sustained buzzy tone. Even though the plug-in is somewhat of a 'glitch' effect, this certainly isn't really the desired effect. Sometimes you can make a few adjusments and get it back to normal but other times it just stays broken - sort of frustrating if you had things sounding nice, but didn't save in time.

It's a really cool VST and I love using it, I'm just not always confident it won't crash!

This is more than likely a problem with the VST than with Audiomulch but anybody knows if there's a fix or something I'd be grateful.

Ross B.
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Hi Ray,

"pop and emit this sustained buzzy tone" does sound like the symptom of some internal DSP problem within the plugin rather than a compatibility issue with AM. I recommend that you contact the developer. I'm sure they'd like to hear from you.