EpicVerb VST effect plugin not saving preset

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This is a great Reverb plugin, but I can't get the custom preset to save in AM. I set all the VST parameters the way i need and then save it as an AM preset. But if I save and close the file, then re open it, all the parameters are lost. It keeps defaulting back to the first FXB default.

I even tried saving all the parameters as a snapshop on the metasurface, but no luck.

Anyone have this issue/VST?

Other effect plugins seem to work fine with the AM preset saving.

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Yeah for me It´s a well know Bug. The Preset is not Lost just stored in another placed. Audiomulch seems to step back to the first preset in the bank when u recall a am doc. It´s funny I want post with similar topic.

When I work with Kamioooka Audiomulch saves the presetbank but always started with the first preset after recalling a project so I have to manually switch to the preset which is originaly used with the audiomulch project.

There any chance for a fix Ross? Thx again 4 Audiomulch

Ross B.
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> There any chance for a fix Ross?

Yes this will be fixed. It is getting near to the top of the queue (currently at position 16). I need to make sure the fix actually fixes things and doesn't break anything else -- this will require a lot of testing because of the many different behaviors of different plugins. When I actually start work on this I'll ask for people to help testing it.

> Thx again 4 Audiomulch

You're welcome :)

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I think this is the same issue that sees Valhalla and Rob Papen's plugins act the same way.
I am very happy to know you are getting close to fix this Ross !

I am pointing Jon from Rob Papen to this thread, he was about to get in touch with you

Best wishes to you and to all the mulchers around here !