Display niggles with windows and mission control OSX Lion

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Hi, three minor issues I found. Other than number 1 they're  not impeding my use of the program at all and number 1 is only a minor inconvenience.  

1. Command + ` is used to switch active windows (belonging to the program you are using) and place the others in the back and this doesn't work with any of mulch's panels that you undock or external plugins that you open in an editor. What it does do is gives active focus to the main mulch window, but leaves any other windows floating on top. Once focus has been switched back to the main mulch window command + ` does not work to switch to any other windows.

2. With mission control I've assigned Mulch to a desktop 1 and when switching desktops using control + 1 the menu bar takes a tiny bit of time to come into existence. All that's displayed is the transparent drop shadow effect on the menu bar and the desktop background. 

When switching desktops using control + the left arrow keys there is the same issue with the menu bar and additionally the input and output nodes on contraptions in the patcher window vibrate or jiggle left and right before snapping into place. This is generally the left side, except for plugins with MIDI in. Also, the boundary between the patcher and the properties window vibrates, but it's only really noticeable in dark mode.

No issues when using the keyboard F3 button to open mission control or a "hot corner" of the display.

I never used spaces in snow leopard, so I'm not sure when this issue appeared and I just got the time to play with mission control today.

3. This very well may be apple's problem, but AU plugins don't visually update based on the changes in the properties window. Sonically everything works as expected. Embarrassed I missed this, but in my defense I don't use many plugins and I usually go for the VSTs first because they're closer to the top of the list!