Crash during 'Jack' patching

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AM crashes when you try to plug a patch cord to an output that doesn't exist.

So elaborate a bit on this. I am using AM along with Logic / Ableton on the same machine and sending audio and MIDI between each other via Jack Pilot and the MIDI IAC drivers on the mac.

When this happened, the Jack Pilot Patching didn't have the right channel of the sound out patched to Logic because of the preset not loaded, so everytime I would plug in something to the right channel of the "Sound Out", AM would crash and exit.

After a couple of restarts and saves, I was wondering why this was happening so I played the audio on Logic and heard it only on the left. That meant Jack wasn't routing correctly. I loaded my patching preset and played audio again. This time it played in both speakers. And then when I connected to the right output in AM, it didn't crash.

If you can fix this, will be great. May not be good to have AM crash during performances because of bad patching sequences. On stage, patching problems are possible, but you don't want the software to crash for it.


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Wow! I've had another crash and this time I don't know for what. I did a whole lot of patching and tweaking got some sounds right and then ready to take in Logic. I press stop to cue it up for record and boom, AM crashes!
Hadn't saved so I'm back a few steps.
I'm just wondering how stable this software is to play live...

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on my experience of using it for a few years I haven't had a single crash live.
Of course when I play live I do things that have been previously tested in a safer situation, like I do with any software/plugin I use.

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Hi there

Thanks for reporting the problem. I agree it shouldn't crash, although it's hard to say for certain why this is without more information. Sometimes these bugs are due to the sound driver (in this case Jack Pilot) rather than AM itself.

Can you email me the crash logs please? (to )

Also, can you explain how to set up Jack Pilot so I can make the bug happen here.

Thank you