Computer restarts when doing any MIDI in audiomulch

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I had this problem in the beta and had talked to Ross about it. We agreed it was a driver issue and i kept happily using 1.0.

I had just purchased a new firewire interface so i did a fresh install of XP last night.
I've made sure i have all the correct drivers.

So i downloaded the demo and found that its still rebooting the computer. I can run patches that use AM contrpations only that i built in 1.0. But as soon as I touch the midi routing or try and use a VST it reboots.

I'm on a HP Pavilion a320n, AMD 2800+, 2.08 ghz, with 1.43GB of ram. Running XP with SP3 installed. As far as peripherals go I have a presonus firebox, motu fastlane, and novation remote zero. I've tried uninstalling the motu and the novation, unhooking one or the other and the problem still occurs.

The one thing i can see in my device manager is that the built in video card has some issue. I've tried reloading the drivers updating the drivers and uninstalling the device multiple times all of which have had the same effect. The built in card is a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU.
I don't know if the NVIDIA has ever worked I got his computer second hand and it already had the video card installed

Any suggestions?


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Well i figured it out. Drivers on the PCI viedo card weren't right.

Damn. After I spent all that time writing all that above :D

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mmm.. i turned the computer off came back installed midiyoke and now its doing it again.. if i go into the VST folder and try and grab the soundbytes ERA step sequencer my computer will restart.

grrrrr.. how annoying

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I don't have any suggestions, but I do have some questions:

- do you get a blue screen before restart? If so, what does it say? (take a photo if it flashes up too quickly)

- when you say "use any midi in audiomulch" what exactly do you mean? does it happen when you enable MIDI control in AM? or when you create a MIDI contraption? or when you patch the MIDI through? or when you send MIDI to the AM? or...?

In general, spontaneous machine restarting can only be caused by a driver issue, not by a plugin or an application like AudioMulch.



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About the Blue screen if you get any:

go to system properties/advanced/startup and recovery settings and then uncheck automatically restart.