AM 2.1.0b1 Doesn't start up

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Joined: June 4, 2010

hi everyone,

I've a strange problem: my beta version of AM 2.1 stopped working today. I'm working on a macbook pro.
When i try to launch it, the icon on the dock simply appears one second and then it goes away.
I tried to reinstall AM, but it doens't work.

The windows copy on my pc continue working without problems instead.

Actually i'm waiting a response to the email I've written to Ross, but in the meantime i'm curious to know if someone experienced this..

Any idea to solve the problem?


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Joined: May 24, 2010

My 2.1 beta doesn't load now. I'm sure its expired..

Are any more 2.1 beta's going to happen?
Is 2.1 still on schedule for release this June?

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Joined: June 4, 2010

hey justicE,

Ross answered my mail right now... and yes it's expired. :)

Looking forward for the second part of the beta period.