2.20b1 crash on inserting granulator

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bugfoot: i had approx 8 devices in a track which was playing, and i selected one cable out of a fileplayer, and rightclicked on it and inserted a dlgranulator. audiomulch immediately crashed and vanished.

i just tried to replicate it now with one device and mixer and nothing else, and adding it didn't do it.

since the thing i was working on is lost in bit heaven, i can't post a version that always does it.

osx 10.6.8

Ross B.
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Thanks for the report Esa. Have you seen this happen more than once?

Would you be able to email me the Apple crash report please (to rossb@audiomulch.com)?

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no. where is it?

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Mac crash reports are in the Console, which you can find in the Utilities folder. Open Console and look in the left column and you should see an item labeled Crash Reporter. Open it, via triangle thingie, and you should find another item(s) labeled "AudioMulch ... date of crash ... etc. etc. ..." Grab that label and drag to Desktop or to email message pane and you can send the full report to Ross or whomever.