Saints & Devils by Chris Becker

Saints & Devils
Chris Becker
The Preacher And The Devil

Chris writes: "The Preacher And The Devil features two vocalists: The Reverend Vince Anderson and James Hall (singing excerpts from Robert Johnson’s classic Cross Road Blues). Dropping in and out of this mix are vocal passages I processed in AudioMulch’s DLGranulator. I recorded vocal excerpts as looping material through DLGranulator (while experimenting with a variety of slider settings) as extended "takes" synced to the bpm of the drum track I had created for The Preacher And The Devil. I then selected short passages from my recorded performances, dropped the edits into a multitrack session over my beats and (using the mouse, my eyes, and my ears) nudged each edit until they locked into the track’s groove. I often rely on editing my hand/eye/ear in order to tighten up grooves built up with material from various sources.
To my complete surprise, this single continues to get airplay on independent and college radio stations here in the U.S. and overseas.
"'The Preacher & The Devil' kicks a lot of ass...
the song hits me like a white-knuckle parable with deep beats."
David Suisman (Inner Ear Detour/WFMU - New York City)

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