Using AudioMulch with a Surround Receiver

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So far, I have been very satisfied with AudioMulch to listen to 2 stereo channels. Now I would like to be able to play with more channels. I am not a professional user, so I would like to make use of the equipment that I have: a PC with an spdif output, and a surround receiver that can decode formats such as ac3 and dst. Is there any possibility to let Audiomulch generate multi-channel signals that I could send to the receiver, in the same way that a DVD player does? For example, could I produce ac3 output with AudioMulch? The alternative would of course be to use a soundcard with multiple output channels, but this would require an extra investment for me.

Any ideas how I could connect AudioMulch with other software to achieve this? I already have Virtual Audio Cable, maybe that helps...

Ross B.
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This seems like a reasonable request but I'm not sure how to do this. Perhaps there is a 3rd party audio driver which can do it.

From what I know about outputting AAC over SPDIF, usually the computer just takes the AAC audio from the DVD (or whatever source) and pipes it out over SPDIF. In the case of AudioMulch, it would have to encode its output to AAC in real-time and then output it to SPDIF. That's not something I can see AudioMulch supporting any time soon -- mainly because of the complexity of implementing it, AAC licencing costs, and the CPU load and latency it would introduce.


Al Magnifico
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It could be possible, but only via direct sound drivers. But I don't know if in AM the direct show system is used for audio (I doubt). Read more for "inspiration"